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Invisible Disabilities That Keep You Away From Work

July 23, 2012

A guest post by  Marianne Bentzen. Thanks to Marianne.

Invisible disabilities that keep you away from work – People don’t understand because they can’t physically see your disabilities.

For certain people the everyday life can be quite though, especially when it comes to corporate working conditions. If you have an illness that is hidden from the outside world (because they can’t physically see it), people who don’t know you, won’t know about this and can automatically draw conclusions like you are “lazy”, “whining” or “overreacting” to certain events.

This can be the case for someone with the hidden illness Lupus. This is an illness that attacks the healthy immune tissue in your body instead of protecting it from viruses. This long term (chronic) disease is most common in women ages 10-50 and can begin at any age. However, early 20s is when you are most at risk.

When suffering a serious level of Lupus, you should avoid sunlight at all cost and always wear the highest SPF factor. This is for example very hard to explain if you are out on a social event with work during nice weather when everyone wants to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Because someone with Lupus disease can’t sit outside in the sun, it makes it really hard to explain the situation to other people. It is a whole lot easier to just come up with an excuse to not go and skip the event instead.

The sun can also trigger the immune system enough to cause inflammation in the muscles, joints and internal organs as well as the skin itself making the person very ill.

So, a nine to five working day, five times a week can make the “normal” workplace a hard place to work. This is because someone with Lupus disease will be absent many more days a year due to sickness, fever, tiredness and exhaustion than a “normal” college.

However, for people with “normal” health this whole situation may come across as being weird because the person suffering from Lupus looks fine and healthy most of the time when they are out among friends and colleagues.

It is important to know that we should try not to judge people without knowing the full story behind their absence and why they are not always as sociable.

On the other hand, should you as a business have problems with sickness absence and health issues caused by work among your everyday staff, The Tower Clinic has some great advice and solutions for your business.

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