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Disabled People Feel Undervalued In Society Even After Paralympics Finds Poll

September 17, 2012

Three quarters of British disabled people feel undervalued by society despite the positivity around the Paralympics, research suggests.

Before the London 2012 Paralympic Games, 71% of disabled people said they did not feel valued by the general public. This sentiment increased to 76% by the end of the Games, according to research company Kantar.

The snapshot survey, which questioned 351 people with disabilities before the Games and 305 people afterwards, also found that three quarters of disabled people think they should be represented better in the media and on television.

Dr Michelle Harrison, head of political and social for Kantar, said: “We did some research before and after the Games looking at the way in which British people view the community of people with disabilities.

“People without disabilities held up people with disabilities in a very strong light but people with disabilities did not feel that.

“They did not feel that they are valued by the general public – that sentiment did not change during the Games.

“Britain does see itself as a very caring and supportive society but that does not translate into the day-to-day support that the community of people with disabilities feel.”

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