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Jess McGee, 19, Ordered Off Bus After Driver Called Her Epilepsy A ‘Pisstake’

September 27, 2012

I am shocked by this story. I wrote here a few years ago about how insulting it was for me when, on one of the rare occasions I have used a bus, a passenger asked me if I had a Disabled Person’s Bus Pass.

That was bad enough but for the driver to ask what her disability is was completely unneccessary. Especially as she did have a relevant and completely valid disability travel card provided by her local council.

To have been asked, by the driver, to show the card as proof she is disabled would have been bad enough but Jess’ mum takes the words out of my mouth:

“It was just absolutely none of his business what her disability was.”

Sadly, incidents like this are not rare. Bus drivers need to accept that disabled people use buses, too. They need to be trained in how to react with respect when we do.



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