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Wheelchair User Mistakenly Left On Bus Overnight

December 7, 2012

A disabled passenger was mistakenly left on a bus parked overnight in a Manchester depot, it has emerged.

The 60-year-old man, who was in a wheelchair, was discovered by a cleaner at about 02:50 BST on Saturday at the Stagecoach site on Hyde Road, Ardwick.

It is understood the man was asleep and the driver failed to check the vehicle was empty.

Stagecoach said it was an “individual oversight” and an internal disciplinary process was being carried out.

It is not known what time the man boarded the bus.

An ambulance crew took the man, who was in a confused state, to Manchester Royal Infirmary as a precaution.

‘Absolutely ridiculous’

In a statement, the company said: “We were very concerned to hear about this case when it was brought to our attention at the time.

“All of our drivers are given very clear instructions that part of their job is to check the bus at the end of their shift.

“This was an individual oversight and the driver has been subject to our internal disciplinary process.”

Richard Currie, from Greater Manchester Coalition for Disabled People, described the incident as “preposterous”.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that someone should be left on a bus for that length of time.

“Bus companies must ensure that the disabled person has a safe and comfortable journey, something in this instance Stagecoach has failed to do.”

Greater Manchester Police said no criminal offences had occurred and it was dealt with as a medical matter.

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