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Same Difference Review Of 2012

December 31, 2012

As usual, in the form of original poetry. Happy New Year!

In January #Spartacusreport hit Twitter

But in the mainstream media’s spotlight, it did not glitter

In February the UK was hit by snow so cold and bitter

Stuck in the white stuff, I wished I was fitter

In March Channel 4 decided DisAbled meant Undateable

The programme was quite interesting, the title still debateable

In April some actors made a work of Shakespeare

Accessible to an audience who   could not hear

In May we celebrated BADD

Blogged against disablism, something that drives us mad

In June the British Paraorchestra first came to my attention

Making music to my ears with accessible inventions

In July a campaigner took a European road trip

A longtime dream on which he kept a firm grip

In August the Paralympics arrived,

Disabled athletes succeeded and strived

In September Liam Barker hit the news

My post on him got thousands of views

In October the Winterbourne workers were sentenced

For crimes too terrible to mention

In November three Paralympians were nominated

For a mainstream sports award, in excitement I waited

In December an MP said we couldn’t watch TV

While claiming benefits, what kind of life would that be?

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