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My Complaint To The PCC About The Fail’s DLA Cartoon

February 25, 2013

I’ve just submitted this complaint to the PCC about today’s cartoon in the Daily Fail. You are free to use it as a template if you wish to submit your own complaint.

I wish to formally file a complaint in reference to a Gerri Peev article about Disability Living Allowance claimant rates. The article in question appeared in today’s Daily Mail online as cited above. A PDF of the article is attached for your reference.

I believe that the cartoonist who provided illustration for the article and the Daily Mail are in breach of PCC’s Editors’ Code of Practice, clauses 1i and 12i.

The cartoon accompanying the article is misleading and inaccurate. Disability Living Allowance is awarded to people who cannot, to a greater or lesser degree, perform everyday activities without support. They may have difficulty getting dressed or bathing, or making a meal. They may have varying degrees of difficulty with mobility, meaning they can’t be involved in society without support. They will probably be experiencing unpleasant symptoms or pain on a regular basis. To suggest, as the cartoon does, that Disability Living Allowance is available for something as simple and temporary as a single bad blister, is irresponsible.

The cartoon is also discriminatory towards disabled people as a g roup in tone and context. It trivialises the claiming of a benefit that is never claimed by choice. Claimants of Disability Living Allowance live with very serious health conditions, often from birth, as I have myself, and certainly for significant periods of time. The cartoon seems to suggest that all claimants claim the benefit for trivial, temporary reasons. As a claimant of Disability Living Allowance, I find this suggestion extremely offensive.

This article is further evidence of the continued scapegoating and malicious attitude towards disabled people in general by this publication.


Sarah Ismail
Same Difference website (

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