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ATOS Tell Woman With Mental Age Of Three To Get A Job

April 12, 2013

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If you do one little bit of disability rights campaigning today, please make it reading this post and sharing it everywhere.

ATOS have told a woman with a mental age of three, severe learning disabilities, severe CP, and incontinence to get a job.

A job.

That’s not satire, readers. Honestly.

Look at the photo of her in the post linked above and tell me she can work. Go on, I dare you.


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  1. April 12, 2013 12:34 am

    i would think their were grounds for the police to arrest the assessor for abusing a disabled person and putting their life at risk ?
    The police should have been called after the remark was made and legal proceedings by her family should now be the order of the day as any lawyer worth his or her salt will take the necessary action for a criminal prosecution (the abuse of a disabled person )

    Who to contact

    Don’t keep your worries to yourself. After the older or disabled person has told you about their situation, you might want to talk to other people who know the person you’re worried about to find out if they have similar concerns.

    There are also professionals you can contact. You can pass on your concerns to the person’s GP and social worker. Local authorities have social workers who deal specifically with cases of abuse. Call your local council and ask for the Adult Protection or Safeguarding Co-ordinator. You can also speak to the police about the situation. Some forms of abuse are crimes so the police will be interested.

    You can also call the Action on Elder Abuse helpline, free and in confidence, on 0808 808 8141. If the person is in danger or needs medical attention, call the emergency services.

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