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Dear Facebook, Don’t You Like Blind People?

April 28, 2013

This was recently posted on the Same Difference Facebook page. I think it should go viral!

Dear Facebook

Thank you for your service. As a severely sight impaired user, your Service has provided me with a window to the world and the ability to maintain contact with my friends, peers and current event taking place around the globe.


Do you not like blind people?

I use an iPhone, this is because it has many functions that allow me to continue using a mobile. Android devices, whilst I am sure have similar functions are not as user friendly.

Many of the apps I use allow me to to use the speech function on the device to “read” there web pages.
It’s a simple thing. Highlight the text and the phone does the rest in a very convincing and soothing voice. In fact my interaction with many web pages, BBC news App, Twitter, Google browser etc allows me to use the web whilst I am out and about (mainly, hospitals, Doctors and clinic’s).
But, for some reason, known only to you, the Facebook app has now stopped this function.

So do you not like blind people?

We are humans, we do what most people do, we communicate, we are part of society but YOU seem to think that Facebook is not for us.

First it was disabling sideways typing. This helped us because the keyboard was made bigger. We got around this by typing our status updates in notes. I use 54 font so I can see better (you do not allow the font to be changed so its just as well) then we paste it in… Sorted

Then you disabled the copy function on status’s. This meant we could no longer read out the status updates of others. We got around that by taking a screenshot of the screen, opening photo stream and then blowing up the status update… I laugh at some of my friends updates, they are great.

NOW by disabling the standard copy function in status replies, replacing it with a copy delete slide menu, you have taken away the last usable speech function from the app.


Taking screen shots of every update is just not practical.

Therefore my witty and insightful updates, my moans and groans, my comments on others and the general use of the app, that prevents me withdrawing from society fully has been withdrawn. This due to me not just being blind but also an MS sufferer and due to my body eating it self, I don’t walk so good.

So cool beans and kudos to you. Facebook “A social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends”(your words)
Unless if you are blind, or severely sight impaired and use a smart devise it seems.

So back to my point.

Do you generally just not like us?

Or is it a commercial consideration that will exclude the blind, severely sight impaired, due to us not being able to see Adverts on the screen????.

Are you punishing us for not being able to see them? (ignoring the fact they appear anyway and you are fulfilling your advertisement requirement)


Did nobody think for one second that this would be an issue?????


Typing on a big button keyboard, in huge font from my PC that, unless I can drag around attached to a mobile generator, with constant WiFi access (see the MS bit about not walking so good) is stuck in my living room for ever more as I will be if I wish to use your service.

Peter Springarse Strudwick

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  1. Chris permalink
    April 28, 2013 10:10 pm

    Wow, amazing how people take offence to things.
    Shouldn’t this guy be grateful that Facebook exists at all as a way for him to interact with people? Just because they overlooked a feature on a single mobile operating system (which may be a limitation imposed by Apple) it by no means suggests that Facebook hates blind people. There are other apps, not to mention the web browser, as ways to access Facebook.
    I sympathise and realise it must be frustrating, but writing like that isn’t the way to communicate your issues.

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