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Scope Face To Face Befrienders Scheme

July 10, 2013

Scope have just sent me information about their Face To Face Befrienders Scheme. Basically, it is what it says in the title. A scheme for new parents of disabled children where an experienced parent of a disabled child befriends them and provides much-needed support.

I was going to publish Scope’s full case study interview, which is printed in their information pack on the scheme. But I decided instead to share my own experiences.

As regular readers know, I have had Cerebral Palsy since birth. In the 1980s, when my parents were new to the world of disability, there were no schemes like this one available to them. They learnt the hard way and learnt as they went along. And they learnt very well, and taught me very well.

A lot of that was thanks to other parents of children with CP, who they met through treatment centres and my school.

Not only did these parents become good and lifelong friends of my parents, but because we were of the same age group, their children became lifelong friends of mine.

And as I tell anyone who will listen at every chance I get, the connection between two people who share a disability is unbreakable. And the connection between two parents whose children are both disabled is also unbreakable. Personally, I believe it is even stronger when the children have the same disability. However, I am open to any parent telling me that’s not necessarily true.

My own experiences with my friends with CP are the reason I think schemes like this are so extremely important and valuable. For every new parent and for every disabled child.

There is nothing like knowing you are not alone. There is nothing like knowing there are others just like you. And in my life, there is nothing stronger than the feelings I have for those who are just like me.

My friends with CP are my real friends. Non-disabled friends have come and gone, but my friends with CP have always been in my life. I hope that they, and their families, always will be in my life.

That’s why I would love to support the Face To Face Befrienders Scheme. I would love to see it grow and help as many new parents as possible. And I hope that in the process, it will help some disabled children to make lifelong friends just like mine.

If this campaign interests you, you can find more information about it here.

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