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Jim Davidson Aims Sick ‘Jokes’ At Paralympians

August 26, 2013

I’ve just been sent this by a reader. I have no words.

Comic Jim Davidson is under fire after he made bad-taste jokes about two of Britain’s ­Paralympic gold medal heroines.

The millionaire “Nick Nick” comic appeared to target cyclist Sarah Storey, 35, who won four golds in London, and swimmer Ellie Simmonds, 18, who took gold twice and set a world record.

Ellie has a form of short-limb dwarfism and Sarah was born without a functioning left hand.

Davidson, 59, made the sick cracks in his first stand-up show since being cleared of 10 allegations of sex abuse against women.

He told a 750-strong crowd in Torquay: “I was watching Sports Personality of the Year and I said to my missus, ‘There’s a midget’.

“She said, ‘For f***’s sake don’t call her that’. She’s a swimmer. Apparently we had a little girl, formerly known as midget, wins the medals.

“All I said to my missus, see what you think of this, ‘Did she race against other midgets then did she?’

“I said someone’s got to work out what is the value of one midget.

“I’m not taking the p*** out of the disabled person or the small girl, it’s the way they put these things together.”

Davidson then changed his focus to Sarah.

He said: “The girl cyclist that won four gold medals – brilliant wasn’t she? What was her disability? Half her hand missing, right?

“How does that disable you from cycling the f****** bike? So she can’t ring her f****** bell.”

The ex-Big Break host continued to poke fun at the disabled during his 70-minute routine on Thursday.

Ellie’s mum Val Simmonds, of Aldridge, West Midlands, hit back. She said: “I don’t think he’s funny.

“I think he is sad, full stop. If other people want to go and listen to that sort of drivel, let them get on with it. That sort of comedy is very much outdated.”

The British Paralympic Association also blasted Davidson.

In a statement it said: “Paralympians have a great sense of humour and can take a joke – it just has to be a good one.

“The so-called humour of Jim Davidson is best left in the 1970s.”

What he said

I didn’t watch the disabled games because I laugh. No, I can’t help it. Wheelchair rugby – to you it’s inspiring. To me – f**** robot wars.

I remember seeing a 6ft 2in black man, skinny, black vest on, no arms, do the high jump.

I f**** laughed all week. He looked like a Peperami man. It stuck in my f**** mind.

Someone with no arms is f*** in the javelin – unless they are catching the f**** thing.

That’s all I’m saying.

I f**** hate midgets, f**** midgets, they are horrible. I haven’t got anything against…well, yes I have.

I don’t like anyone who can s*** their c*** in their sock.

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  1. Nick permalink
    August 26, 2013 4:32 pm

    I’ve known Jim for years he was never funny but to many he is and that’s the main problem in going forward and nothings going to change as that’s the UK way of seeing people different to our own and having fun at others expense

    he wont change as all so called comedians like him never do


  2. Dino permalink
    August 26, 2013 4:34 pm

    Jim Davidson is a dick. A comedy hack and a dick. That said, in his defence, the remark about the cyclist was *almost* a joke – almost. TBH I’m less offended by JD/’s jokes (don’t put your hand down a u-bend and expect to pull out diamonds) and more by the fact that nearly a thousand people paid money to hear them. Way to go and combat that backward-bumpkin stereotype eh Devonians?


  3. alfgarnet permalink
    May 6, 2015 4:31 pm

    He,snot a comedian, or a TV, star he,s a self ignorant dinosaur, and should of been put down with all the other dinosaurs ,

    Liked by 1 person

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