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Three More Remploy Factories To Close

August 29, 2013

What a shame.

Three of the last remaining Remploy factories are to close, threatening 160 disabled workers with redundancy, the company has announced.

Remploy opened its first factories in the 1940s as part of the creation of the welfare state, employing disabled workers in a series of different enterprises ranging from furniture and packaging manufacturing to recycling electrical appliances and operating CCTV systems and control rooms.

The government said last year it would reduce its subsidy to Remploy, following an independent review that recommended that state funding should focus on support for individuals, rather than subsidising factory businesses.

At the time of the announcement in March last year, there were 54 Remploy factories, as well as the company’s recruitment arm, employing a total of 3,600 workers. About 1,700 factory jobs have since been lost, and by the end of the year there will be no Remploy factories left because of closures and sales. Remploy said the government had put in place a comprehensive package of support, including a personal caseworker, to help disabled workers who are losing their jobs.

The general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, Frances O’Grady,said: “The government’s withdrawal of support for Remploy factories continues to put hundreds of disabled people out of work and gives the lie to ministers’ claims about supporting disabled people.”

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  1. August 29, 2013 3:18 pm

    Remploy employed those war veterans and injured from the Second World War and has a history of being a disabled friendly company. Not paying lip service but actually employing those that other organisations turned their back on. That’s what this government does pay lip service while lining their own pockets. My Grandfathers will be turning over in their graves for what they and their mates went through to fight for a new fairer society and the NHS. These spineless, soulless millionaires of all three main parties, which are one in my opinion, could not care more about the average person than a squirrel! What is worse the sheeple bend over and say me let me consume more! baaaa

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