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Results Of The UNISON ‘What Keeps You Awake’ Survey

September 18, 2013

Earlier this year, UNISON conducted a survey asking ‘What Keeps You Awake?”

Now, the results are here.

I’ve been sent some quotes by UNISON, from disabled respondents and carers. They are worrying, aren’t they?


“4 years of no pay rise has had its effect on our standard of living. our children have grown up and left home, but we have had to help them financially. We both work and own our home. My husband is disabled but able to work with the assistance of his DLA which we are sure he will lose under ASOS. At our time of life, we should be ok but we are working harder and longer hours to stand still. I fear for the future.”


“Being disabled, my worries are around the cuts to the benefit system, access to good healthcare and the thought that the government could strip away my means of survival overnight.”


“What keeps me awake is the fact that if my Disability Allowance is cut, I won’t be able to work in my current job as I am required to travel and would not be able to afford transport.”

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