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Dyslexic Man Refused Help By Job Centre

September 23, 2013

And yet more Job Centre stupidity…

An unemployed father-of-three was refused support from Job Centre staff, despite being diagnosed with a severe form of dyslexia.


Ennis Mustafa, 30, of Hurst Avenue in Chingford, has a condition which impairs his memory, and reading and writing skills.


He was diagnosed in 2011 following a request from the Job Centre in Westbury Road, Walthamstow.


Since then, he says the centre has done nothing to support him overcome the challenges he faces in finding appropriate work.


Mr Mustafa said: “I don’t want a hand out. I just want the help I’m entitled to.”


Mr Mustafa recently asked for help to complete an appeal form he had been given after some confusion over an appointment date led to his benefits being stopped for a month.


He claims a member of staff insisted dyslexia was not a disability and said workers were not allowed to help clients complete forms.


Mr Mustafa complained after receiving advice from the British Dyslexia Association, which informed him that dyslexia is defined as a disability under the Equality Act 2010.



This means he is entitled to specialist support from job centre staff.


But Mr Mustafa claimed he was then told to fill out a complaint form.


Mr Mustafa is keen to improve his reading and writing skills and train as a plumber, but needs support to find jobs and approach employers.


He said: “It’s a never ending battle for me. I’m trying to do things correctly but the system is letting me down.


“I want to work hard and support my kids and make a future for them.”


A Department of Work and Pensions spokeswoman said:”Dyslexia is a disability, and we have resources in place to give jobseekers extra support in completing forms and paperwork.


“On this occasion, the advice Mr Mustafa was given was incorrect, and we have since apologised.


“Action has since been taken to ensure that the person who provided the incorrect advice is aware of latest policy and information about Dyslexia to make them more aware of the condition and its place in the Disability Discrimination Act.”

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  1. September 25, 2013 2:34 pm

    How bad is that, I was told by job centre once, not that long ago, that dyslexia is not a disability, when in fact I know it is. I am still waiting for an assessment for my ankle, which was broken earlier this year, but I am still having trouble with it and I am not able to work at this present time, I have had an assessment booked 3 times now and 3 times they have let me down and not turned up. I am so angry about it now, I am at a total lose as to what to do next………………….

  2. Miss Sophoe permalink
    February 8, 2017 6:30 pm

    I have dyslexia, I am intellegent, but need an employer who is underdstanding. The job centre were so horrible to me that I am now off with stress. One comment from the job centre staff was “How can you have worked in Administration if you have dyslexia?” they also would tell me to do things but not give me time to write it down or to give me it in written form as my dylsexia affects my short term memory. I have two degrees, over one hundred qualifications and lots of experience and was treated as dumb! I was told to take out my music work and experience out of my c.V and apply for unsuitable jobs which took all my time to do so on the rare occassion when I did have time to apply for the jobs I am suitable for in music: the only interviews I got were actually for music jobs. But I did not get the time to do this as they told me to apply for cafe work (I have ten years of admin work experience and ten years of music experience!) I get excema from cleaning and cant work with meat as I get upset but they told me thats the work I am suitable for. Despite having worked in educational administration. In the end I am now off with stress and the horrble way they have treated me. My English is most likely better than most people who do not have dyslexia as I have studied so hard. Yes its not perfect but my spelling is better than most people without dyslexia whom I have met. I was treated with so much disrespect at the job centre. If I had been treated with respect and with acknowledgement of my skills in music and admin, I would have most lkely been in employment now. Instead I am in nerves and stress and break down crying, the treatment I have had has been vile.

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