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Disabled MP Worries About Food Bank ‘Habit’

October 3, 2013

Paul Maynard and I share a disability, Cerebral Palsy. It seems we have similar levels of impairment and, I would like to think, similar levels of intelligence.

I would love to be an MP, so it seems we have similar ambitions and hopes, too.

So I was so proud when Maynard entered the House of Commons, especially when I found out that he is the first MP with CP.

When he was mocked in the House of Commons as a result of his disability, I was horrified. I fully supported and defended him at the time.

He made it very clear when he entered Parliament that he was representing his constituents, not disabled people. I understood and supported that too.

However, I never thought that he would take it this far.

He may have been, as I have, lucky enough never to have needed a food bank. But, in spite of all our similarities, there are several differences between Paul Maynard and I.

One of these differences is that while I have been very lucky in life and have not experienced poverty, I realise that many people have not been as lucky as I have. If I was lucky enough to be in Paul Maynard’s position of power, I would not reveal opinions that would offend so many of the very people I was representing who have not had my luck in life.

Especially when so many of those people are disabled, like himself, or carers, like his parents once were and possibly still are.

Paul Maynard, you are not in Parliament to represent disabled people. However, public attention’s a strange thing, innit? Because you have public attention, disabled people are watching your every move. Some of us are watching you with pride. Some of us consider you an inspiration and a role model.

And as a direct result of this, some of us feel deeply hurt and let down when you prove to have opinions no better than those of Government Ministers.


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  1. October 3, 2013 6:11 pm

    he should get kicked out at the next general election as the man’s a fool and has never represented any sick and disabled person. For conning the public i believe he will be kicked out at the next election and rightly so

    just because you have a disability it does not mean you are fit for speaking for others and he sends a clear warning to the voters of Blackpool North and Cleveleys to be more careful in future when voting we have enough clowns as mp’s without adding to them

  2. October 3, 2013 9:44 pm

    I was thinking how some of these MP’s have no real idea of whats going on in our world, they only know their own privileged little worlds . Would I be stupid if I said ” how does 3 times in a year, that you can use these foodbanks constitute a habit “??


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