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Mr Quiet

October 4, 2013

Paul Bernal's Blog

MR QUIET COVER copy small

Mr Quiet was angry.

Quietly angry, because he was A Quiet Man, but very angry.

He was angry that people laughed at him. They shouldn’t laugh at him. He was important. He had once been the Leader.

MR QUIET close 1

And now, these two young whippersnappers had taken his place. And they laughed at him. They bullied him. They laughed at him because he was too old. They laughed at him because he didn’t go to the Right School – though he’d been tempted to write that he went to the Right School on his CV. They even said that he wasn’t clever enough. It wasn’t fair!

And who were they? Yes, they went to the Right Schools, and the Right Universities. Yes, they had shiny dark hair. Lots of it. Much more than Mr Quiet. They were like those two young comedians, Dick and Dom, was it? No, Ant and Dec. That…

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