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Four Days Without Food…

October 26, 2013

Spotted here. This seems like it was originally written in America, but sadly, it now applies to many in the UK. So please share far and wide as it expresses something simple in powerful language.

Day four without food, does anyone care? How would you know unless I told you, it feels eerie this feeling of hunger and starvation, knowing that your body is attacking itself for sustenance.

What have we done to deserve this? Murderers get three squares and a cot to sleep on, free cable TV, and a college education, to be reformed, hardworking people like me go hungry, I pay for the worst that society has rejected to be comfortable, what’s wrong with that picture.

Four days without, food, hell maybe FIVE, and I am starring into the distance, I see things I have never seen before, I see a woman throw away a perfectly good sandwich, all because she didn’t want it. Oh I work, I have a job, just no money, where I set is a café, a diner if you will, the smell carries through the buildings, like a fresh summer breeze, I see people walking back and forth with their lunches, and breakfast.. and I go hungry.

Four days without food shit, maybe SIX NOW. My face looks sunk in, I stare at the pits called eyes, and wonder where the next meal will come, I wonder what it’s like to be a cook that works with food all day long but can’t afford to eat either, or the grocery store worker that stocks food all day knowing he can’t afford to buy his family food. Or the Pizza delivery driver that smells the hot pizza just inches away, but knows it’s not for him, what goes through those people’s minds? Do they die inside a little bit? Do they cry at night when they get home? Does there kids, or pets look at them with daddy please I’m hungry look on their faces? Does anyone care?

Four days without food, fuck maybe 8, I am such a failure, I sit here looking at the life I led, and wonder, why was I even born? What right does anyone have to love me? Why am I still here? Where are we going? I think I am sleepy now… time for the sleep that will end this hunger, I hope hell has a banquet.


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  1. October 26, 2013 7:40 pm

    Those that know me will tell you i have looked like this for years and it’s not to do with money it’s to do with the DWP controlling my life for the past 33 years saying what you can and cant do it’s the stress that’s the main problem. being unable to sleep and eat

    so i know exactly how this person feels and i can tell you now it’s a very complexed situation to be in irrespective of the circumstances

    once upon a time i had the all the answers but today i have none just regret i let the likes of Cameron become a mp when i had a chance of becoming a mp for Lewisham in 1979 and the bank of England where i was working talked me out of it

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