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Part Time Workers And Volunteers To Be Hit By Osborne’s Mass Workfare

November 5, 2013

the void

Boycott-workfare-holiday-innDetails of George Osborne’s upcoming – and possibly illegal – mass workfare scheme have emerged and make grim reading for everyone but the companies set to profit from this huge extension of forced labour.

Tender documents unearthed by @refuted reveal the specifications for the six month Community Work Placements scheme which begins in April 2014.  These documents form the basis of a ‘commercial competition’ currently taking place, in which grasping welfare-to-work parasites like A4e and G4S will bid for lucrative government contracts to force long term unemployed people into unpaid work.

Those leaving the Work Programme will either be placed on daily signing at Jobcentres and ‘intensive support’ or face the six month workfare scheme.  This will involve 780 hours of forced unpaid work, over two and a half times the maximum possible community service sentence which can be handed out by the courts.

In some cases this will not…

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