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Scrap The Bedroom Tax- Vote In Parliament 12 November!

November 6, 2013

Sue Marsh is requesting that you all email your MP urgently on this very important issue.

Rachel Reeves confirmed yesterday that Labour is calling an Opposition Day debate on scrapping the Bedroom Tax on the afternoon of 12th November. That’s only eight days away, so if we’re going to make any difference to the vote, we need to let our MPs know as soon as possible.

She’s asked you all if you would consider coming to the Commons on the day. She’s booked a wheelchair accessible room in Portcullis House (Boothroyd Room) from 10am-12.30 on the morning of the debate – the idea is to orchestrate a mass lobby from there – and she’ll also be able to come and meet as many of you as possible.

We’ve also been told they’ll try and get tickets for as many people as possible to attend the debate in the afternoon over at the Commons.

For those who can’t attend in person, we’re told there’ll be a mass “virtual lobby” at the same time and the Mirror are supporting the last minute calls to MPs.

If anyone would like to attend either event – or has any questions – contact her parliamentary assistant Keir Cozens – – and hopefully see you there…

You can email your MP from here just by entering your postcode.

A short note, outlining why you think the Bedroom tax is unfair and asking them to either meet you at the parliament lobby, or if you can’t attend, to vote to scrap the tax.

It’s vital we let every MP know on a personal level and particularly to engage in conversation with LibDems. Recently, grassroots members voted overwhelmingly against the Bedroom Tax at this year’s conference and since, Clegg has ordered an “independent review” (yawn) to tell him what he already knows.

We must try to persuade Liberal Democrat MPs to vote with the overwhelming wishes of their own grassroots and members rather than the compromised interests of a few at the top of their party.

There are also now countless examples of Conservatives and Tory councils rejecting the tax that you can send to your Conservative MP to show him that they would be representing constituents by opposing this levy on  principle, not as ordered by the whip. Just because this debate was called by the opposition, plead with them not to allow partisan nonsense to turn such an important issue into a democratic farce. They see the same heartbreaking stories at their surgeries as Labour MPs :

Flagship Conservative council of Westminster has just blamed the Council Tax for soaring costs of re-housing tenants.

The UN recently reported that the Bedroom Tax may breach the human rights of those subjected to it

And there have now been legal defeats in both English and Scottish law judging that it discriminates against both disabled adults and children

What more do we need Mr Clegg? Mr Cameron? It discriminates in the eyes of the law, it’s inhumane in the opinion of the UN, it will cost more than it saves and 440,000 of the 660,000 affected have a long term illness or disability..

If you google your county or next biggest town, there are almost certainly local stories with the exact number of constituents set to lose out or facing eviction in your local area.

But even if you just ask your MP to vote to scrap the tax, that’s good enough and you can click below to

We win one little act of faith at a time, one email at a time, one defeat at a time.
I will try to get details of the virtual lobby as soon as possible and post them in a separate post at Same Difference.
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  1. mark price permalink
    November 6, 2013 5:28 pm

    Stop the bedroom tax there is no need to take more money from the poor just take it from the money you give to the EU and the money you waste on wars,the queen promised us all that everything we need will be free,so stop taking from the poor its unlawful.

  2. Mrs Joyce Booth permalink
    November 8, 2013 6:15 pm

    Bedroom tax is unfair . We are being charged £15 a week for an extra bedroom we could loose our house trying to keep up with the payments .this tax is aimed at the poor and it’s wrong .

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