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Make Ku Bar Girls Wheelchair Accessible

November 7, 2013

This is a guest post by Geek ‘n’ Proud.

Hi everyone,

I am a student at one of the London Universities. As a wheelchair user, I am very used to having to make enquiries as to whether a venue I haven’t visited before has step free access. I was very disappointed to hear that Candy Bar will be closing in January 2014 due to a 50% increase in rent (for more information, please see: This is not only because it is one of only a couple of lesbian bars in London (a fact that I find hard to believe) but also because it is one of the few gay bars that have wheelchair access. This fact puts very large restrictions on people who wish to go to gay bars but require step free access.

In response to the closure of Candy Bar, the Ku Bar plans to radically overhaul its premises to make the entire lower ground floor into “Ku Bar Girls”. I have written to Ku Bar ( asking them to reassure me that if the lower ground floor is not wheelchair accessible they will be putting a lift in as part of the refurbishment. I have not let received a response! I am writing this post to ask others who care about LGBT rights and wheelchair users having access, to write to the Ku Bar as well. To keep up with the campaign please join the FB group



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