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LoveFilm: All We Want For Christmas Is Subtitles

November 21, 2013

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Like you I enjoy watching the latest film or must-see TV show. Whether it’s Breaking Bad or the Hunger Games I want to be part of the conversation’s that all of my friends are having. However, as a LoveFilm customer I’m always missing out.


Like most of the people with hearing loss I rely on subtitles. There are over 10million of us in the UK yet as one of the biggest on demand and DVD rental companies, LoveFilm just isn’t accessible to us.


People with Hearing Loss want to be able to watch what they want, when they want, how they want – just like everyone else. However we can’t do that with LoveFilm Instant’s on-demand service as they don’t offer subtitles on any of their titles.


And it’s not just when we’re watching films on our IPad’s, Phones or over the internet. When choosing from LoveFilm’s rental service we can’t even see if the film we are picking has subtitles before it arrives in the post. We’re getting a second class service and this isn’t fair.


This Christmas I just want to be able to sit down with my family and enjoy watching a DVD like everyone else. Please help me to get LoveFILM to improve their service for people with hearing loss.

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  1. Dino permalink
    November 21, 2013 5:53 pm

    And audio Description on live streaming too. Is that too much to ask for? Come to mention it, websites offering streaming TV/movies have terrible accessibility for blindpeople/screenreader users (as do all on-demand TV services).

  2. November 21, 2013 6:00 pm

    you will need to use netflix for subtitles so I’m told

    the quality of the netflix service is superb providing your broadband download speed is 5MBPH or higher

  3. February 14, 2014 8:00 am

    Thanks for giving these sort of superb content material.


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