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November 22, 2013

A press release.

Kezia Dugdale, MSP for Edinburgh South, will today (Friday 22 November) launch the new premises of an after school and holiday club catering for children with and without disabilities.

Kidscene, which is run by the charity Royal Blind, offers a unique child care service with a “reverse integration model,” caring for children with and without disabilities in an integrated setting. Kezia Dugdale MSP is launching Kidscene’s new premises, which have been built at the Royal Blind School’s Canaan Lane campus as part of the school’s current re-development programme.

Richard Hellewell, Chief Executive at Royal Blind said:

“We’re delighted in the interest we have had from parents in Edinburgh and beyond since Kidscene opened in January 2012. Children at Kidscene learn that disability is not a barrier to friendships and play. We are delighted to have Kezia Dugdale MSP along today to launch our new and expanded premises for Kidscene at the Royal Blind School’s Canaan Lane campus.”

To launch the premises Ms Dugdale will cut a cake with Kidscene’s logo on it and unveil a plaque that has been wrapped for the occasion by children attending Kidscene.

Kezia Dugdale MSP said:

I’m thrilled to be involved in the opening of this new facility, asKidscene offers an excellent environment for children, whether or not they have any disabilities. It is an important part of children’s learning to grow up understanding differences and Kidscene can help them do that.”

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