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Former Olympic Games Maker faces losing vital care under cruel Government cuts.

November 27, 2013


VIDEO: The coalition’s cruellest cut?


Mary Laver, a former RAF servicewoman, campaigner, and friend, has severe rheumatoid arthritis.

She can’t stand, she can’t move her arms, she hasn’t fed herself in over fifteen years.

Mary relies on a team of carers to help her complete everyday tasks, like eating, drinking, and going to the toilet, but the coalition Government is trying to take that care away.


David Cameron’s government have tried to close the Independent Living Fund, that Mary and 20,000 disabled people in the UK rely on to pay for vital care.

Mary doesn’t see herself as disabled. A former driver in the RAF, an Olympic torch bearer, a Games Maker, she travelled from John O’Groats to Lands End in her power chair to raise money for Help For Heroes.

“I’m a person in a wheelchair,” she said yesterday at an emergency meeting at the House of Commons, showing…

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