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Frances Inglis Was Released Last Week

December 13, 2013

Longtime readers may remember that in 2010, Same Difference covered the case of Tom and Frances Inglis in some detail. I have just read that Frances Inglis was released from prison last week, after serving five years for the murder of Tom, who became severely disabled in 2007.

Frances Inglis still says what she did was a ‘mercy killing.’

But the main difference between her case and that of Lynn and Kay Gilderdale is that Frances Inglis did not ask Tom before carrying out her actions. Unlike Lynn Gilderdale, Tom had never communicated, after becoming disabled, that he wished for his life to be ended by a ‘mercy killing’ by anyone he knew.

I have never agreed with ‘assisted suicides’ ‘mercy killings’ or whatever you may choose to call them.

As a person disabled since birth, I  have always  believed that every life is equally valuable. Severe disability shortens life enough, without the need for life to be made any shorter.

In the case of Kay Gilderdale, opposers of ‘mercy killings’ took some comfort in the knowledge that she was acting on the clearly expressed wishes of her daughter.

However in the case of Frances Inglis, we will never know the thoughts or wishes of Tom. This makes it very difficult for disabled people, in particular, to ever understand her actions. How did she know she was showing mercy towards Tom through her actions?

It is a difficult case adding to a difficult debate about an issue that causes pain to many. This is an update for those interested, with a recap of some of my personal opinions for new readers.


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  1. October 12, 2015 5:32 pm

    It is Better to Stop Never Ending Suffering By Mercy Killing than to Prolong that Person’s Agony By Sadistic Intent !! When Morphine won’t kill the pain, a painless lethal injection is the dignified way to go.
    Just As it is Better for Baroness Sayeeda Warsi to Stop Sulking in Wakefield Job Centre or wherever she collects her Unemployment Benefit or Employment Support Allowance, after Walking out on David Cameron over Benjamin Nehatanyu, to assist Chris Matheson Labour MP for Chester obtain a New Replacement State of the Art Women’s Refuge to be in Concept located at Upton Near Chester for up to 14, Traumatised Females, dedicated to Neda Soltan ( RIP ).
    I know if I Walk Out On A Job for an inadequate Reason my ESA would be Stopped for up to 3 Years.
    So Why Should Baroness Sayeeda Warsi remain above DWP Legislaton !!?
    What’s Good For The Goose is Good for the Gander !!
    Or is it One Law for The Rich and Another Law for the Poor !!?
    Thomas Hartley ( ).

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