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RIP Denis Jones- Disabled Man Found Dead At Home After Benefit Cuts #thefallenofatos

December 13, 2013

RIP Sir. Your community- the disability community- must never forget your name.

A DISABLED man was crushed by financial pressure in the weeks before his death, according to a friend.

Denis Jones, aged 58, was discovered at his Tarleton Avenue home, in Atherton, on December 1 after a friend became concerned about him after not seeing him for several days and called the police.

The death was recorded as due to natural causes but James McIntyre, a close friend, wants others to know that they are not alone in struggling to make ends meet.

He said: “Denis was like an uncle to my children and to see him suffering was horrendous. His benefits were cut five weeks before he died because he had returned a form late.

“He had served in the armed forces and worked his entire life until he became ill.

“He was dependent upon income support and without it he couldn’t heat his home or pay his electricity bill. He became dependent on food parcels and the generosity of friends but he was crushed under the pressure of it all.

“He tried to sort it out but he didn’t really know what to do and he didn’t own a computer so it is not easy when everything is online nowadays.

“It just seems like the cuts are starting to hit everyone really hard and as it gets into winter it is going to start affecting more and more people.”

Denis had worked as a bouncer in Oldham before moving to the area 20 years ago. He struggled to find work and as his health deteriorated he became dependent on benefits.

Mr McIntyre said: “He was hit by the bedroom tax as well.

“He couldn’t pay and got into arrears with his rent. People are getting really low and someone has to make a stand or more and more people will suffer.

“I just want others to know that they are not alone but really something should be done.”

Denis is believed to have family in Oldham but police and friends have been unable to contact them.

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  1. joshuachristian19691 permalink
    December 13, 2013 7:46 pm

    Hi, my name is Joshua Christian and I got this via email earlier. I have been in touch with Michael Meacher who is the MP for Oldham and Royston West as it says in your post that Denis may have had relatives there. He says he will try to help locate Denis’ relatives if they live in Oldham, and has suggested probably by way of a short piece in a newspaper in order to jog someone’s memory. I am also contacting Ms Julie Hilling who is the MP for Bolton West, which Atherton is a part of. I will let you know what the outcome is.

  2. December 14, 2013 12:38 pm

    Reblogged this on Benefit tales.

  3. elle permalink
    December 14, 2013 1:12 pm

    Good on you Joshuachristian, Michael Meacher is one of the best MPs around, did you see him at pmq’s the Wednesday just gone, he certainly told Cameron some truths. Try and get Denis’s story circulated as much as possible, then at least this rotten cruelty won’t have been for nothing.

    I too pay the bedroom tax, and every time I’m forced to pay its like a knife in my heart, I have to pay due to the death of my baby, and an elder child who has special needs is in residential care.

    Someone who is more eloquent than I, should write a blog about this ‘hardworking’ bs that we are hearing, what catogory do us disabled fall into, the pm should answer this, but of course he won’t, he’s a bully.


  1. RIP Denis Jones- Disabled Man Found Dead At Home After Benefit Cuts #thefallenofatos | Street Democracy - where it should reach

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