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Innovations In Technology Mean Innovations In Dignity

December 20, 2013

It often happens in the care of elderly or disabled people, especially those who are bed-bound, that effective care can come at the price of dignity. Coming to terms with disability is never easy, and having to rely on other people for the most basic of needs is an adjustment no one is ever ready to make, but thanks to modern innovations in moving and handling products bedridden people can reclaim some of their dignity and independence.

Equipment that negates the need for patients to be woken up and turned every hour, equipment that allows people to be washed without having to be painfully moved, and equipment that allows people to be moved without risk of injury are changing lives across the UK for hospital, hospice and care home patients, as well as individuals being cared for by their families. Specialist providers like Genie Carehave a wide range of manual handling products that revolutionise patient care.

Age Old Problems With Pressure Care

These handling products address issues that have always been prevalent in immobility care, such as pressure sores and ulcers. Individuals who suffer from prolonged periods of immobility are susceptible to loss of tissue viability through painful pressure ulcers which cause unnecessary suffering. The traditional way care workers combat this is through the frequent turning of patients, usually every couple of hours throughout the day and night.

The constant turning by a nurse, care worker or family member can be degrading for the patient involved. The process can be rough and uncomfortable and leave the patient feeling vulnerable. The ToTo bed removes the need for nursing staff to constantly move the patient, which can cut patient handling incidents and injuries by as much as 75% and help patients retain a higher quality of life.

Addressing The Benefits Of Proper Rest

One of the major problems associated with manual turning is the need for patients to be woken every couple of hours through both the day and night. This means patient rest is constantly fragmented and individuals can never achieve a full night of sleep.

Sleep is an essential component for a healthy lifestyle; it is restorative for the brain which is beneficial to moods, memory and stress reduction, and studies suggest it can increase heart health. Patient turning equipment that can be placed underneath a mattress on an individual’s bed is significantly less disruptive to patients, so they can be moved throughout the day and night without having to be woken up.  

Eliminating Risks For Both Parties

Moving patients by hand can be damaging to the carer’s health, and in some cases can be simply impossible. The physical strain for carers when handling patients can be immense, especially as turning and handling is such a frequent job. When an individual lives at home instead of in a medical facility the burden to their relatives can be too much to handle, with the only options being to receive ineffective care or be moved to a care home.

With modern handling equipment the burden is taken off of the carer’s shoulders and placed on the device so the carer can dedicate more time to other duties and support.

A Simple Change With A Huge Impact

Innovations in patient care continue to change lives every single day. Focusing on dignity and comfort for bed bound or immobile patients is essential for ensuring their quality of life remains high, and the latest products on the market reflect this. Quality of care is only likely to improve, so research your options for the highest quality manual handling products for your loved one.

This post was written by Emma Smith on behalf of Genie Care, a leading organisation who are dedicated to providing you with innovative mobility, handling and pressure care solutions that can improve the life of your loved one.

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