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2013: The Disability Year In Review

December 31, 2013

2013: The Disability Year In Review

In January The Last Leg came back to the screen,

All new and much better than it had ever been.

In February we first met Collin Brewer,

A Cornwall councillor I’ll remember for many a year.

In March we met the Churchill brothers,

Two little angels with a bond like few others.

In April we first met Jack Carroll,

On Britain’s Got Talent, on a stage, at his own peril.

In May we met Ms Jack Monroe,

A campaigner whose fame continues to grow.

In June Andrea Begley won The Voice,

A talent show audience made a good choice!

In July we held National Paralympic Day

Remembering 2012 in a special way.

In August I rewrote a speech on a dream,

But nobody read it, I wanted to scream!

September brought with it IOS7

An update to Apple, not everyone’s heaven.

 In October Veronica Kenning sadly died,

But not before causing campaigners great pride.

In November Same Difference hit new heights,

December brought more hits, comments and delights.

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