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January 12, 2014



Claire is our beautiful daughter,19, who is autistic with challenging behaviour.

She is currently in an assessment and treatment unit, in Swansea, where professionals feel that she needs to go to a medium secure hospital based placement, 4 hours away, which could be for a minimum of 2 years. (we live in Wales)

This would mean she would lose contact with her family, and friends, and the community and city she loves, and be completely isolated.

All she wants, as she was promised in Feb 2012, is a care home not far from us with all the activities she enjoys, and to be able to come home to us when she requests it.

In 4 months, she has been home and in the community with us 88 times. Surely this explains how close we all are as a family.

We don’t want our family to be ripped apart, and our beloved daughter does NOT want to be that far away from us, especially after distressing incidents in all previous placements. She has a voice and tells everybody that she does NOT want to go that far, and we certainly don’t want her going so far away.

All we want as parents, is for her to have a lovely placement close by where she can settle and feel happy, knowing that we are still around to help her.

Surely her wishes should be taken into account. She is asking for her future and her life to be taken into consideration. She deserves this respect. She is a human being with feelings

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  1. January 12, 2014 2:06 pm

    Im just joe soap hun but your dedication and love as a parent I hear you , and your distress I have never been in your situation but as a parent have been in a situation where your hands are tide as the wheel of the system strips you of a loved one.
    Posting here shows your total dispare and love all I can give you is from my heart.
    Never give up
    Stop being understanding with authority
    Contact like you have here every organisation you can
    Today more things are taken notice on the internet
    Open a facebook twitter page on your plight
    Contact local news agenceys also internet based
    Good luck fellow loving parent x

  2. January 12, 2014 4:45 pm

    I mirror the above thoughts and think the key point is that to move Claire so far from her parents, family, friends and community would cause significant harm to her mental and emotional health and therefore would be a pre meditated intent to cause harm. Not only immoral but illegal. I would involve your MP at the earliest opportunity by booking an appointment with them or attending an open surgery hours at their office, get their secretary on board!!! Secondly I would contact the Autistic Society and avail yourself of their resources and years of experience. Thirdly get copies of any hospital records or notes ( may have to pay small admin fee). Also record any phone conversations or personal conversation or at least write journal of who, when, content of conversation any action points arising. I presume they must have patient consent unless she has been sanctioned so withhold it. Perhaps get copies of duty of care from Health board and from unit she is with at Swansea and see what they say.

    Sorry to be so business like but I believe that is how you need to proceed, as if gathering evidence for a trial. As mentioned publish widely on Webb, involve GP, get second opinion and any health professional who agrees that this is not in her best interest. I would move heaven and earth to keep my boy near us and can only imagine the pain you are in. Please fb friend me if you wish to chat or anything I can do. Best of luck.

  3. Mr jeffrey l davies permalink
    January 12, 2014 6:13 pm

    yet again another child suffers has of their cuts yes they 19 but still a child moving them so far from home will cause all to suffer has of it


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