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A Message From Disability Campaigner Debbie Sayers

February 17, 2014

As a disability campaigner the one thing I use more than anything else is my computer. Unfortunately it appears my comp is terminally ill… 😦 im trying every way I can to get it fixed and the data retrieved for little or nothing but its not looking good.  I think all my campaigning files fried its brain… As I can only manage one morning a week real world work and my partner is waiting redundancy (just the thought makes me queasy because with his dodgy leg since the surgery for bone cancer getting another job will be hard) I cant find, save or borrow the money to fix it, so im gonna try this… im reluctant to ask for help but im pretty much unable to campaign with out it… my total is set for worse case senario I learnt from the London trip I tend to massively under estimate the cost of things… I run three fibro support groups, one fibro campaign group and a fibro campaign working group… one chronically sick and disabled support group, one Disability Community group, an admin support group, a Cancer support group, two art related groups and a craft group Disability Matters UK working group(disability Matters is a online disability resource) and a Hold Ian Duncan Smith MP secretary of state to account stats campaign group… I run three pages of my art and one music, the Disability Matters Facebook page and the We Are Spartacus Facebook page(We Are Spartacus are a disability lobbying group) and account. .. I run the ramblings of a fibro fogged mind blog and the Disability Matters UK blog and have with Jayne Linney a fellow campaigner run the Ian Duncan Smith Stats campaignSumitting our petition of over 100,000 signatures to the work and pensions select committy in November 2013. Ive also done countless one on one supports for Employment and Support Allowance/Personal Independence Payments (sickness and disability allowances) applications and sharing and tweeting all from my little comp… im sure I missed something…lol… dont know what im gonna do with out it except rest…The money will be used to, (hopefully) access memory retrieval, new hard drive or new comp not sure which yet… Any Mac techies out there Help…Dxxx

Readers, as I said to Debbie, I would be in a similar state of panic in the same situation. That’s why I’m sharing this link to her GoFundMe page. I ask you to do whatever you can to help. Even if you can’t donate money, please share this post on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. February 22, 2014 5:30 am

    Eeek! That’s a loot of data, girl!Hope you get it fixed…

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