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Why Same Difference Fully Supports The #SaveBBC3 Campaign

March 5, 2014

Readers, I’ve just read news that has made me very sad. The BBC are planning to axe BBC Three.

Now, readers, I may be just a little too old to be a member of their intended audience, but, I have a confession to make. I love BBC Three.

Why? Not for its comedies. Well, except Way To Go, which manged, somehow, to make assisted suicide funny, respectfully.

No, I love it for its current, cool, disability documentaries, which have launched the careers of some young disabled people.

Without BBC Three, I would never have seen:

In fact, they made Jono Lancaster into a star.

  • Dancing On Wheels (Carolyne went on to star in The Undateables and winner James is now a Paralympic swimmer.)

There are reports that BBC Three might become an online only channel. However, as much as I personally love the Internet, that would make it completely inaccessible to those young people too disabled to use the Internet, or those who can’t afford Internet access. You can see for yourselves, by the size of the list above, what a great shame it would be to make the channel inaccessible to young disabled people.

I will be doing everything I possibly can, through Same Difference, to #savebbc3.

For myself, and for the next generation of Ruths, Jono Lancasters, James’s and Carolynes.

What are you thinking?

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