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Can You Help Keep Luca In Drama School?

March 15, 2014

Luca is 14. He loves Drama so much that he did his Drama GCSE in year 9- a whole 2 years early. And he got an A.

Luca is also autistic. He has found his talent, and his passion, and he wants to take it as far, academically, as he possibly can. This makes Luca, in my eyes, truly DisAbled- one of my favourite kind of people.

But Luca is one of 4 siblings. Austerity and the cuts have hit his family hard. His parents want to help him achieve his dreams, but it is becoming financially very difficult.

So, Luca has written the following message, with some help from his mother, blogger Bernadette Horton.

Please help me fund my private Drama school tuition.

I am Luca’s Mum – Bernadette –  and am acting on his behalf on this account. He has typed out the appeal below. His dad and I are extremely proud of his achievements and do all we can to support him, but austerity is biting our family severely as we are both self employed working poor.

My name is Luca and I am 14 and I am autistic. I am currently in Year 10 at school. Last year, in Year 9 I gained an A grade in Drama GCSE and took a grade 4 in Acting with the London College of Music at my drama school Thesps which I go to on Saturdays.

My ambition is to become an actor. I would love to be the next Dr Who. However, as I took my Drama GCSE in Year 9, I have two years with no drama in school before I move to 6th form. That is why Thesps Drama School is so important to me. I performed as mr Brownloe in Oliver last Christmas.

I am going to take grade 6 in Acting and grade 6 in verse speaking with the London College of music but taking the exams and paying for private tuition is too expensive for my mum and dad as I am the youngest of 4 brothers. My elder brother Joe has played cricket for Wales which has cost my mum and dad loads of money with travel, accommodation and cricket kit. My mum and dad are struggling to afford my £80 per month Saturday Thesps tuition  fees and I need to know I can afford the next 6 months – 1 year =  £480 for 6 months minimum,and I have to buy 2 anthology books, display folders which are £40 and pay £200 for 10 weeks for hourly extra private tuition fees plus a total of £100 for the 2 exam fees. If I don’t find the money I may have to give up Thesps shortly.

I am going to go to university in a few years to study drama hopefully, but I really need this help as my parents are struggling with running the house and helping me out and my brothers too. My mum and dad are paying already to send me to France on a French GCSE trip and the drama fees are just too much.

I would be soooooooooo grateful for any help and I would like to share and update my progress when the exams are held in June/July 2014. Although I have autism I am determined it will not stand in my way! and I will work extremely hard to achieve my dream. Please help me if you can. Thank you very much.

To help Luca, even if you can’t donate money, please consider sharing this link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.


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