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Lyn Ward- Breast Cancer, Forced To Return To Work Days After Radiotherapy, Still Waiting For PIP

March 26, 2014

There are other similarly terrible stories of unacceptable PIP delays here, but this is the worst of them.


Lyn Ward, a 56-year-old mother, has worked all her life, holding down jobs since she was 14.

Last April, she found out she had breast cancer and applied for Iain Duncan Smith’s new flagship Personal Independence Payment. Eleven months later, she is still waiting for help.

While Lyn has been waiting, she has gone through an operation to remove the tumour and her lymph nodes, a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

This week, finances became so tight she was forced to go back to work, just days after finishing radiotherapy.

“We’ve got a mortgage to pay,” she says. “We’ve still got to pay the bills and we’ve had no help. I’ve not even had a letter or phone call from Atos, never mind an assessment. I’m wondering why I paid my taxes all those years.”

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