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“The dust in the corner” – Justice for Nico

June 9, 2014

A Bit Missing

Quite some time ago now I was told about another young man who died in Oxfordshire. I’ve mentioned this other tragic death in previous blogs and raised a question about it to Katrina Percy (CEO of Southern Health) at the Oxfordshire Learning Disability Partnership Board meeting a couple of months ago. I haven’t written in any detail because his mother, who I’d been in touch with through social media couldn’t face sharing his story. So battered and beaten by the experience and trauma, not only of his death but the way they have been treated by the organisation in charge of his care was she that she didn’t trust anyone and couldn’t bear to speak about it.

Over the last year she’s read the accounts of Connor’s death. She’d read Sara’s blog (which left her “in bits”). She’s seen how others have rallied to get justice for LB while at…

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