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Panellists hijack Question Time to attack Iain Duncan Smith

June 13, 2014

Mike Sivier's blog

Finger-jabbing protest: Iain Duncan Smith talked over Owen Jones in his last Question Time appearance; this time the other panellists didn't give him the chance. Finger-jabbing protest: Iain Duncan Smith talked over Owen Jones in his last Question Time appearance; this time the other panellists didn’t give him the chance.

Around three-quarters of the way through tonight’s Question Time, I was ready to believe the BBC had pulled a fast one on us and we weren’t going to see Iain Duncan Smith get the well-deserved comeuppance that he has managed to avoid for so long in Parliament and media interviews.

There was plausible deniability for the BBC – the Isis crisis that has blown up in Iraq is extremely topical and feeds into nationwide feeling about the possibility of Britain going to war again in the Middle East. The debate on extremism in Birmingham schools is similarly of public interest – to a great degree because it caused an argument between Tory cabinet ministers. Those are big issues at the moment and the BBC…

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  1. Christopher Lawton permalink
    June 13, 2014 12:52 am

  2. June 13, 2014 2:05 am

    The job wasn’t done. I for one was extremely disappointed that the panelists who bothered at all to attack Duncan-Smith did so in a way which came across as almost hysterical while not obliging him to defend himself, his lies, or his department. The guy in the audience actually did a better job. As for Hislop, he simply showed his true toff colours, why would you realistically expect anything different.
    The real question now needs to be addressed to the supposed political neutrality of the BBC. It so obvious that the questions had been screened to provide least embarrassment to the government representative, it was unreal.

  3. Nick permalink
    June 13, 2014 8:27 pm

    SALMA YAQOOB is so much like myself and like i would have done and that’s get stuck in and she did very well i may add

    all the time the likes of salma are out and about IDS is going to have to hide

    if i were on the panel i would have had the list of deaths of the sick and disabled and read out as many as could before being interrupted

    as time goes by these deaths wont go away but will become entrenched in many minds so that justice for the bereaved families can be sought in a court and all those involved on the overseeing of these deaths will have to tell a judge why innocent sick and disabled felt the need in many cases to take their own life

    it is the most horrific set of horrors to ever come about following the second world war and that is how the majority of the public will see it in due coarse as they become more aware on what has gone on as even today many sadly are completely unaware some i know are to shocked to even speak about it and wont even watch the news or read the papers

    these types of evilness effect people in so many ways and is damaging for the county as a whole

    even today with the passport fiasco there are many in that workplace feeling suicidal and that goes for most of the uk’ the stress is extreme today in many households with one thing or another and the country as a whole is heading for disaster of which it may never recover

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