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Assisted Dying: Whose Soul?

July 17, 2014


I’m all for a law which permits an assisted death. I’m also for ‘living wills’ to be legally respected. I’m for these on the principle of Free Will which, at the most basic level of physical existence, means the right to do with my body as I see fit, for me. If I make a ‘mistake’ then that is my consequence. Yes, probably we could get into an elongated set of what-if overrides – throwing your body in front of a train, for example: that obviously inflicts consequences on others, as does sprinting naked at your child’s school sports day. I’ve done neither of those, by the way. But, for the purposes of assisted dying – as with abortion – I think only those personally and directly affected have any right to try to effect a different choice. By persuasion, that is, not coercion.

I’d read and heard a variety…

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  1. Sarah permalink
    July 17, 2014 2:34 pm

    Unfortunately not everyone who is in the very terminal stages of life has access to good hospice type care either in their own home or hospice setting with true palliative care, with the person allowed to make decisions over extra sedation and amount of pain relieve needed. We should be fighting for better end of life care for all.

    As a disabled person I am extremely worried about the currant Bill about to go through the House of Lords. It does not adequately safe guard vulnerable people from being bumped off. Doctors find it very difficult to accurately determine when someone is terminally ill and frequently underestimate the amount of time someone has left. No doubt signing of the forms will become like those for abortions, with some professionals holding piles of pre signed forms. Harold Shipman made his own decisions over who should live. How many more doctors want to play god? This time with the law behind them.

    Like many with long term conditions it is easy to get depressed when life is not going well, with pain getting the better, not to mention the bladder and bowel dysfunction, lack of mobility etc etc. social exclusion, cuts to the minimal support provided and yet another Work Capability Assessment to go through, and trouble ahead with personal independent payment or lack of it. I am made to feel a burden on society, when I complain about new barriers to getting out and about being put in my way. Just think of all the money the Government could save by getting us judged as sound mind when depressed over the everyday barriers. However most of the time I want to make the most of life and fight those who put barriers in my way. I want the right to life not some doctor who thinks its time only to offer me a quick pain free death.

    Remember animals get no choice and many well animals are put to sleep, not just those terminally ill.or in pain.
    Why did the majority of those who chose to end life early in Oregon feel a burden?
    Living wills are fine, but should be regularly reviewed. Decisions made when one is focussing on the negative may want to be changed.

    We need the right to care and support to make the most out of life, including the right to costly cancer treatment that may offer a few extra months to spend with family and friends if that is what we choose. Why focus on death when we should concentrate on life hopefully knowing that world class hospice type care awaits however we need to fight for this.

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