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Justice For Harry Procko

July 28, 2014

HEALTH chiefs are looking into the death of a four-year-old autistic boy who died just days after going to hospital with a suspected tummy bug.

Harry Procko’s parents took him to the GP when he started vomiting and having diarrhoea on June 18.

The St Ann’s parents took him to the Queen’s Medical Centre’s accident and emergency department because the symptoms had not gone away two days’ later.

Richard Clements and Marika Procko, who have six other children, returned to the hospital with Harry the following day for further checks but say they were discharged after he was observed and weighed.

Just 48 hours later, Richard found his son “blue and not breathing”. After the family called an ambulance, which took Harry to hospital, the four-year-old was briefly revived before being pronounced dead.

Mr Clements, a full-time carer for his three autistic children, said he just felt overwhelming panic.

“There is no way of describing it. I’ve lost parents, I’ve lost sisters, aunts and uncles, but you don’t expect this at all.

“The shock factor is unbelievable. It is awfully quiet without him; he was literally 24 hours a day we had to do everything around him.

“It goes without saying that we’re missing him terribly.”

The 47 year old added: “He was very much the boss of the house. We would be watching children’s TV at 3am. He didn’t sleep much.

“The autism made him very delayed – he didn’t talk, he didn’t walk. We only got about five steps out of him and the only word he could say was ‘mum’ but he was happy.”

The family have complained to Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the QMC, as they believe his care was “inadequate”.

Stephen Fowlie, NUH medical director, said: “We extend our most sincere condolences to the family for their tragic loss and remain in contact with them.

“After every unexpected child death there is a multi-agency review to ensure that we understand what contributed to such a sad loss. NUH is contributing to that review of Harry’s care.

“We are also conducting an internal review of his treatment at NUH and we will share the findings with his parents as soon as it is completed.”

An inquest into Harry’s death will be held later.

Harry’s parents are holding an event to ask for Justice For Harry on Sunday 10th August. Full details here.

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