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Janette Warburton

August 13, 2014

Janette Warburton suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia – a condition in the face which affects the nerves and has been described as a stabbing pain, or like an electric shock. She took her own life in March.

Her husband, David, spoke exclusively to 5 live Breakfast, in an effort to raise awareness of the condition. He told Rachel Burden that Janette said the constant pain was “worse than having children”. He believes she should have been kept in hospital and sectioned.

A statement from Preston Hospital, where Janette Warburton was treated said: “Firstly we wish to express our sincere condolences to the husband and family of Janette Warburton.

“Following a full assessment, Mrs Warburton was discharged from Royal Preston as her condition did not require that she be treated as an inpatient. Instead she was referred to our outpatient clinic where her treatment was due to continue.”

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  1. Sasson Hann permalink
    August 15, 2014 8:52 am

    This problem was the beginning of my health problems.

    The pain from this is spoken of as ‘the worst pain known to man.

    When I visited the dentist on numerous occasions regarding it I was eventually hauled before the owner of the practice and accused of having ‘mental health problems’, that I kept visiting because I fancied the other dentist, and when I cried in pain during an examination the dentist told me that ‘there is nothing in your face that could possibly cause that amount of pain’.

    Eventually, my family paid for me to see a private consultant and I was diagnosed within minutes. My GP then prescribed Amitryptaline, an anti depressant known to also work to dampen down nerve pain, but I was told it would take some time to work.

    By then I’d already lost my cleaning jobs and didn’t know how I was going to look after my girls. A few weeks later I had a nervous breakdown due to the agonising pain I’d suffered for 6 months by then.

    A tooth on the side of the face affected crumbled this week and I have to see the dentist today. They cannot deaden that side of the face so like before I have to suffer the removal of a tooth because I cannot stand any drilling work in that area; I nearly passed out last time.

    I am so sorry that Mrs Warbaton did not obtain the right treatment in time and I can completely understand why suicide seemed the only option.

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