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Tribunal Rules ‘Absent Parents’ Can Have Spare Bedrooms For Visiting Children

August 16, 2014

Well known Bedroom Tax blogger SPeye Joe has some very good news.

He goes into a lot of legal detail, which you can read from his site if you wish.

However, this is such an important ruling that I thought I’d summarise it for those who have less of an interest in the full legal background.

Basically, readers, the case the post reports on is this:

A father has two sons. One son lives in Scotland with his mother but goes to his father in England for one weekend a month and school holidays.

The father was hit with a 14% Bedroom Tax for his one spare bedroom, where his son who also lives in Scotland stays, until the tribunal found that  the Right to Respect for a Private And Family Life section of the European Convention Of Human Rights required it to rule that  a ‘home’ includes a place at which a child has “regular staying-over contact with their parent.”

That means that a child is entitled to have a bedroom, that they are considered to live in, with the parent that they don’t live with permanently.

There are many disabled children who don’t live permanently with both parents. There are also many disabled parents who don’t live permanently with their children.

Reader, if you are a separated parent carer, or a separated disabled parent, who has until now been affected by the Bedroom Tax, please keep this case in mind, take some hope from this victory and get appealing!





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  1. August 16, 2014 12:55 pm

    Reblogged this on patricktsudlow and commented:
    The courts keeping finding legal flaws in the criminal bed-room (Spare Room)tax law.

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