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Benefits Street Star ‘White Dee’ And Kellie Maloney Enter Celebrity Big Brother House

August 19, 2014

Oh God. Readers, this is almost enough to make me want to watch CBB this year. Almost, but not quite!

Benefits Street’s White Dee has been transformed into the Duchess of Solihull as she became the first contestant to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house. Dee, real name Deirdre Kelly, rose to notoriety in the Channel 4 documentary series Benefits Street.

She was booed by some of the crowd as she made her entrance and revealed she felt “very nervous, very apprehensive” about signing on for the series. The single mother was given a shock when she has handed the first task of the new series – to live like a royal.

Big Brother told her: “You will become Dee, the Duchess of Solihull, 21st in line to the throne.” Dee replied sarcastically: “That sounds absolutely amazing.” She added: “I hate it when people use my real name. I think I’m in trouble.”

The former Birmingham City Council employee will have to “walk, talk, behave and wave like a royal” – I bet the real ones are laughing at the notion (if they’re watching).

If she can convince the final three contestants who entered the house that she is a duchess, everyone will dine on champagne and caviar, but if she fails – they will live like paupers.

The odds appear stacked against her – she quickly reverted to White Dee before the transmission ended. Let’s see how long she can keep this up.

Other news from the launch night includes the presence of Kellie Maloney – who is favourite to win the show, according to bookmaker William Hill. She had success handling the career of Lennox Lewis among others; it emerged earlier this month that she has been undergoing hormone therapy and now lives as a woman.

She had the best reception, but the less said about the entrance of a certain Hollywood star, the better.

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