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Man Attacked With Brick In Northwood Park- To Bring On Epileptic Fit

August 25, 2014

EPILEPTIC Tony Cartlidge was left with a fractured skull after yobs attacked him with a brick – in an attempt to trigger a fit, he believes.

Now the 23-year-old claims the incident in Northwood Park has left him fearful of leaving his house.

Prior to the vicious attack Tony says he has been taunted by a group he claims have launched a nasty bullying campaign against him because of his condition.

And following the traumatic incident Tony also claims to have been chased by a man wielding a machete.

Police have confirmed one 48-year-old man was arrested following the ordeal on suspicion of affray. He has since been bailed.

Unemployed Tony, of Eastbourne Road in Northwood, says he was left in agony after the brick was allegedly hurled over a fence by a teenager.

He said: “I felt something hit my head and when I looked down a brick was on the floor.

“There was blood all over me. They want me to have a fit.”

Tony, who lives with his mother, claims yobs are determined to make him suffer an epileptic fit after learning of the consequences. I’m constantly getting called a ‘smackhead’ because I shake on the floor when I have a fit,” he said.

“They found out that epileptic people can wet themselves when they have fits and that’s what they’ve been trying to do.”

The alleged incident on August 15 left Tony spending two nights in hospital for treatment to a fractured skull.

He said: “Every time I put on my trainers I’m reminded of what happened because they’re still covered in my blood.”

Tony claims he is targeted by the same group of youths in the neighbourhood.

“Two weeks ago I was hit in the back of the head with a pair of knuckle dusters and then challenged to a fight,” he said.

Residents have also spoken of their shock over the alleged attack.

Treasurer of the Northwood Residents’ Association, Alan Wrench, said: “It is a surprise to hear about something like this.”

In April police were called to Northwood Park following reports of a man walking around the area with a rifle.

Police crime figures for June have revealed two incidents of anti-social behaviour, two violent crimes and a public order offence were reported close to the park.

Pensioner Madge Morris, aged 81, of Botany Bay Road, said: “There are people knocking about and I’ve seen youngsters coming down here late at night when they should be in bed.

“If they are old enough to do the crime, they are old enough to be disciplined.”

Park user Peter Johnson, aged 80, of Shelton, added: “I think it’s terrible. It makes you wonder what the law is doing about it.

“You wouldn’t expect that to happen round here. I think teenagers now have nothing else to do.”

The police investigation is still ongoing and anyone with any information should contact 101, quoting incident number 607.

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  1. Andrew permalink
    August 25, 2014 10:58 am

    They’d yobs need locking up before they kill somebody. They are sick in the head that’s not funny what they did. This man is still a human being. They are animals .get well soon

  2. August 25, 2014 11:41 am

    Reblogged this on nearlydead.

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