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Students Using Food Banks: A Disabled Student’s Experience

October 1, 2014

Following this shocking article about York University students using food banks to eat, Same Difference spoke to disabled former student LJ Duut who used a food bank while studying Law at  Cambridge   in 2011.

Here LJ shares her experience:

My GP referred me to foodbank when I was studying. The problem was that you have no choice- for example I have never ever eaten weetabix and neither had hubby and we were not used to biscuits so they were a waste. It came with a booklet of recipes – me being a vegge I was told that I had chicken soup to mix with pasta. I was told there was not much chicken in it? . Hubby tried to eat it but by that point his pallet couldn’t tolerate lumps of pasta as he was too ill. Tea- we both never drank tea and that also went to waste. There was no way my dog could survive on 1 tin of dog food eternally but the toilet roll did prove useful especially when mopping up sick from the chicken soup hubby tried to eat. There was a tin of tuna- I will never forget it- it had a sticky substance on it with what looked like thick hairs stuck to it- now tuna was about the only thing I could eat and that made me want to puke. My worst complaint was the telling me that I needed to attend church part. Having a critically ill husband, studying and attending church since you were given a box of food didn’t appeal at the time. It certainly did not help hubby – his body was not used to processed food – all of the food has to be processed and not fresh. If your body is used to fresh food stuff then it does take a toll on you. Also , a simple ticking questionnaire about diets of different people would be useful? Or if people drink tea or coffee? that way tea could be saved for tea drinkers. The thing about it that what was in the box you could hardly make a meal out of. It was as if things were just randomly thrown into the box without a thought. Thats my personal view on foodbanks.

LJ adds that she could not complete her studies “due to my husband starving as he could not eat the food from food bank.”

Readers, I did not set out to find a Law student from Cambridge- however the fact that I did only proves the point of this post. No matter whether you study, no matter what you study or where you study, no matter whether you work- food banks are needed, desperately, by anyone and everyone at any time.


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  1. October 1, 2014 5:58 pm

    Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating.

  2. Alan Phillips permalink
    January 31, 2015 12:44 am

    She takes the food and then complains! What was wrong with saying sorry the food isn’t suitable for our diets I think we will leave it and I have NEVER heard of anyone being told they must attend church.

    While I don’t wish to accuse someone of a misstruth I believe there may have been a misunderstanding on behalf of your ex student!

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