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Four In Ten Disabled Children Living In Poverty, Finds Report

October 20, 2014

With many thanks to The Children’s Society.

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson recently led an inquiry – supported by us, Citizens Advice and Disability Rights UK – into the impact of the new Universal Credit benefit system on disabled people and their families.

The inquiry’s final report, Holes in the Safety Net: The impact of Universal Credit on disabled people and their families, summarises the findings from three research reports which are based on evidence from surveys of almost 3500 disabled people and a parliamentary evidence session. The report finds that several key groups of disabled people and their families will lose out financially under the new system.

The evidence from the inquiry suggests that reducing financial support could have a devastating impact on these groups. The report makes key policy recommendations to ensure that Universal Credit really supports all disabled people and their families.

The three research reports are:

The inquiry’s first report, Disability and Universal Credit, outlines a series of scenarios of the impact Universal Credit will have on disabled people and their families in different circumstances.

Four in every 10 disabled children are living in poverty

Our report 4 in Every 10: Disabled children living in poverty (summaryfull report), shows that 320,000 disabled children – far more than previously estimated – live in poverty in the UK than previously estimated. The Children’s Society warns that cuts in support for disabled children under the Universal Credit, as outlined in the Holes in the Safety Net inquiry report, threaten to push even more disabled children into poverty.

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