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Bring Tianze Home To Scotland For Christmas

October 28, 2014

I’ve just signed this at

My 16 years old son Tianze has autism, a learning disability and sometimes behaviour issues.

We live in Fife, Scotland but in May Tianze was moved to a hospital in Middlesbrough, England. It was only supposed to be for a 12 week assessment but he is still there which is over 25 weeks currently. Now he has been placed on the mental health register and we’ve been told there is no place in Scotland that would care for my son.

Every week I have to travel more than 200 miles to see my son in England. It is 12-14 hours journey for a two hour supervised visit. It is not only exhausting but also financially difficult. We are a British Chinese family in Scotland, family life is central to our culture. My son misses home so much. He loves music, so he has written a song called “Back Home” that he sings everyday. Every time, when we finsih this two hours visit , we have to good bye, it is always heart broke for both of us.

When Tianze is stressed, his behaviour can deteriorate and since he has been away from home his self-harming has gotten worse. I am really worried for him.

My son’s assessment has been finished in earlier August in that hospital in Middlesbrough, however because there is no specialist care ready for him , the doctor there still holds him. He is locked in the hospital  without education and  activities . Only sleep and drugs which made him so frustrated .It is  hurting him  now by putting him such long time in an  improper  environment and limits his freedom. He is suffering daily,our whole family are suffering daily .

 Charities say that children with learning disabilities like Tianze should whenever possible be cared for in their communities, with the support of their families. This is what we want for our son. To get him the care he needs, where he knows he is close to the people that love him. As parents ,we feel so powerless toward our son’s placement options.We feel we don’t have our rights toward our son in our modern civilized country!

Thousands of people signed a petition for Josh Wills, a 13 year-old living with autism, to be brought home and cared for near his family in Cornwall. And it worked.

We want the same for Tianze. Please help bring my son home.

Please see Tianze’s back home song which he created by himself as following:


Miss home, back home song

 BY Tianze in xx hospital

 Back home,

 Back home,

Back home,


I miss home,

 I dream home,

 I miss mum,

 I miss Dad,

My home is in Scotland…..


 I miss home

I dream home.

 I miss home food ,

 I miss home family together,

 I count days to back home …..


 Back home ,

Back home,

Back home.

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  1. jeffrey davies permalink
    October 28, 2014 1:42 pm

    start a petition to bring him home alass theres another case like this one in swansea were the parents have to travel

  2. October 28, 2014 8:27 pm

    Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs.

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