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ESA Cuts ‘Considered-‘ The Graphs The Tories Don’t Want You To See

October 30, 2014

The Mirror have published two graphics on ESA spending and what the changes would mean.

Here’s what gets spent on ESA now:

They’ve also published a graph showing what would happen if the ‘considered’ cuts became government policy.

They rightly ask: do disabled people who need supplementary income to live REALLY need their benefits cut, ahead of pensioners who make up at least 58% of welfare expenditure? No.


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  1. October 30, 2014 6:43 pm

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  2. Norma Roberts permalink
    October 31, 2014 2:25 pm

    The state pension accounts for approx 50% of the total benefit spend, BUT, if one factors in other benefits which pensioners can claim: pension credit, DLA, housing benefit, council tax benefit, attendance allowance, winter fuel allowance etc, the total spend on those of pension age is approx 76% of the total benefit bill. I saw the figures a while ago on DWP statistics pages – I cannot seem to locate them now(?)

    The remaining 24% goes to working age claimants including the sick/disabled, jobseekers, and includes the amount of housing benefit, council tax support etc that working age people claim.

    If you’re not good at percentages this equates to three quarters of the total benefit spend going to pensioners or, to put it another way, for every £100 spent, £24 goes to the working age, and £76 goes to pensioners.

    I do not begrudge pensioners by the way! I will be one in 6 years (60 next year).

    It is pensioner benefits which are pushing up the bill dramatically year on year, simply because we are living longer and pensioner numbers just keep going up, and up, and up…

    Tinkering around with working age benefits will solve NOTHING – the state pension will have to be means tested,OR, the state pension age will have to increase to 80, OR, we will have to pay more national insurance. No Government wants to admit this for fear of losing votes and/or losing the “grey vote”, so it’s easier to blame the feckless, lazy working age, or immigrants!

  3. November 1, 2014 6:50 pm

    Here we go again. Different poor people pitted against each other.

    The state pension is not a benefit, but comes from the contributions to the ring fenced National Insurance Fund, that has been full for decades, not needing a top up from tax.

    The denial of payout of state pension at 60 to women also hits the sick and disabled (like me for instance), who have little chance of re-employment at 60, even if were well enough.

    Of the 1 million austerity job cuts in public sector, the overwhelming majority are low waged women with tiny works pensions from being early retired in lieu of redundancy. The average such works pensions can be as low as £2,800 a year. So the state pension at 60 was a vital source of income.

    Pension Credit is gone from April 2016. If you believe once it is abolished that it will remain for current claimants, then believing in fairy tales is your thing.

    New claimants of women born from 1953 and men born from 1951 face a 100 per cut for life of state pension, with the bulk on even less state pension than current claimants, with the lowest state pension amongst all rich nations.

    The Grey vote is lost to all big parties because, like all ages, we are being hammered and left penniless, with insufficient food and fuel money. We die at the rate of at least 30,000 each winter from fuel poverty, frozen in unheated homes.

    There is only one party that offers the end of the cruel benefits regime altogether and ends starvation forever and that is The Greens, who offer in 2015 manifesto pledge:

    – universal Citizen Income, non-wirthdrawable
    to an amount of the basic tax allowance.

    With a supplement to the disabled.

    Without the benefits admin altogether that is just a ploy to deny benefit payments.

    And The Greens offer a Bettered Basic State Pension for all, leaving none to starve forever in old age.

    Probablyu the bulk of the £80 billion spent on state pensions goes in admin, because most of the old cannot afford to eat (about a tenner left a week for food) and heat a room to 70F 24/7 as old people cannot generate their own body heat.

    So the daft idea that pensioners are better off than other people needs to stop. We are being incited to hate each other, when we all have the same enemy. Wealthy Politicians.

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