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Ministers Considering Cuts To ESA, Leaked Papers Reveal

October 30, 2014

This would be a real disaster for so many…


Ministers are considering drastically cutting the main Employment and Support Allowance sickness benefit, internal documents seen by the BBC suggest.

New claimants, judged to be capable of work with appropriate support, could be given just 50p more per week than people on job seekers allowance.

Current recipients get almost £30 per week more.

The Department for Work and Pensions said the ESA proposals were not government policy.

I have taken only a snippet of the article, because it goes on to cover many related issues that, while very important, are not new.

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  1. October 30, 2014 1:37 am

    As so many are deemed fit for work who obviously are not, then the disabled / sick with already taxed benefit and pushed out of the support component of ESA will get even poorer.

    With the idea of taxing disability benefit and many disabled losing DLA in the move to PIP, this is further loss of food and fuel money.

    With the raise of retirement age from 60 for women born from 1953 and from 65 for men born from 1951, this means men and women also lose state pension payout money.

    For some women and the poorest workers this a complete and total loss of state pension for life.

    For the bulk of these new claimants from 2016, the state pension will be much less than current pensioners, already on the lowest state pension of all rich nations bar Mexico.

    The Greens are offering a solution to this cruel regime, some info on my personal website:

    I never got ESA either work related or support, nor DLA, and lost state pension payout at 60 this year, joining the 530,000 women from last and this year. I am not alone by any means from the reasons for signing put on my petition, which includes some of the poorest men.

    Savings of the lowest waged / income, don’t usually last beyond 2 years of retirement.

    Early works retirement is due to either being pensioned off in lieu of redundancy
    under austerity job cuts,
    or unable to continue working due to disability / illness yourself or caring for a partner.

    All ages are being left penniless. Let us hope that The Greens offer food and fuel money to the poorest.

  2. October 30, 2014 5:40 am

    Reblogged this on chunkyfunkymunky.

  3. October 30, 2014 11:07 am

    And so it continues, the persecution of the sick and disabled, though why is now beyond my reasoning, attacking the some of the most vulnerable in society, what does that say about our verminous governemnt ? . Who ‘considered’ this – IDS, McVey or Fraud. Cutting nearly £30 a week from sick and disabled people, to even think of doing such thing, is despicable, vindictive, heartless and cruel beyond measure. It also proves that these ‘austerity’ measures and ‘reforms’ are nothing more than robbery. These are benefits for sick and disabled for gods sake, they really are missing that point, intentionally i think, and not realising the state of peoples health in the Wrag group, many of whom should possibly be in the SG, .. but WHO leaked the info to the BBC I’d be interested to know,

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