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Katie Price: Official Statement On Harvey And Transport Costs

January 29, 2015

Readers, many of you will know by now that the two Katies- Price and Hopkins- have been discussing the costs of Harvey Price’s care this week in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Here at Same Difference, we greatly admire Katie Price for her strength in standing up for Harvey at every turn of his life. We also strongly disagree with Katie Hopkins on just about everything, but particularly her opinions on disabled people and benefit claimants.

That said, when we heard of the heated discussions about the cost of Harvey’s care, during which Hopkins basically said that Price should be paying for it all herself, eyes were rolled, but nothing was written.

Now, however, Price’s people have released an official statement on Harvey’s schooling and his transport costs to school.

They hope that the statement will help other parents of disabled children. Same Difference shares their hope and with that in mind, please find the statement below:

We hope the below helps other parents in similar situations:

Harvey’s school placement was assessed and agreed by the Local authority. When this was done transport costs were included in the calculation.

This was done because Harvey has a Statement of Special Educational Needs because of his disabilities. Within this Statement it includes the name of the school Harvey must attend.

Where any child that is placed in school out of the immediate home area it is the Local Authorities DUTY to provide transport that meets the child’s needs. This is common practice for all disabled children as there are not enough suitable schools available to them.

The cost of the school placement together with transport is not means tested as it is provided for the child. Local Authoirties do not have special needs schools locally as these have been closed during the last 15 years as it was deemed a cheeper option to transport children out of borough. If Harvey’s school was on his doorstep as with schools for healthy children then this would not apply but it was the Governments choice to close the special needs schools.

The education law states that the local authority must provide transport to and from the school that is named in the statement.  This must be appropriate to the child’s needs and include the provision of an escort (in Harvey’s case a nurse) who is trained to cope with the child’s medical needs.

The escort (nurse) is because Harvey’s condition is life threatening and has to have someone capable of giving emergency injections to save his life.

Kate’s calculation of £1000 per day is based on hiring her private driver and a private nurse, to drive to and from her home to Harvey’s school twice a day (which is 1.5 hrs drive each way).  This is not the sum that local authority pays.

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