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This Is What Being Disabled And On The Housing Register Looks Like

March 3, 2015

A mother with leukaemia. A five-year old daughter so disabled she can’t even throw an arm around the shoulders of someone carrying her up the stairs to her flat. Over two years on the housing register and no chance of even being shortlisted for a property.

This is the reality of being disabled and living in housing completely inadequate for your needs.

Our family rents privately; the top-floor flat in a house that we moved to because it was easier to care for May there than carry her up the four-floors up we previously lived in.

There was no disabled housing when we needed to move. Landlords aren’t keen to make expensive and unmarketable adjustments to their properties that would make them accessible to us. We need things like a hoist to lift our daughter into the bath. We need a ramp into the house. A stairlift if there is more than one level. 

So, we make do – in a flat with stairs leading up to the front door, internal stairs leading up to the flat and then internal stairs within the flat as well. May’s wheelchair is kept in a cupboard attached the porch – there is no chance of carrying it up as well. Instead, we lift her everywhere she needs to go.

May is five and growing. She can’t sit, let alone walk. She has epilepsy with seizures that come on suddenly and every day – so, yes, they can happen on those stairs. A very dangerous situation for a little girl.

Full story here.


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