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2015: DWP staff say targets for sanctions STILL EXIST

March 5, 2015

Stop UK lies & corruption

2015: DWP staff say targets for sanctions STILL EXIST (subtitled video)

DWP staff say sanction targets still exist. Ian Wright was a DWP work coach. Alan Davies was a DWP personal adviser. Both men had key roles in the sanctions process. Both men say they were disciplined for not referring enough people for sanctions.

Mark Serwotka who is the General Secretary for the Public and Commercial Services Union also states there is a target for sanctions referrals and the Government denies it.

He states one of those is 80% of all referrals must result in a sanction. Individuals have to compete against other individuals. Offices have to compete against other offices.  Which side is more credible – the staff expected to implement these targets or the Ministers who live in a world of their own?

2015 DWP staff say targets for sanctions STILL EXIST 2015 DWP staff say targets for sanctions STILL EXIST

This is what a Personal Improvement…

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  1. Stephanie permalink
    March 5, 2015 10:31 am

    I’m frustrated more isn’t made of this in the wider media and press- this is a scandal and the Government continues to lie

  2. March 5, 2015 11:06 am

    The Coalition Has Set Spending Targets Given To Ian Duncan Smith His Savings Targets He In Turn Sets The Number Of Claimants He Needs To Put Underground, The Financial Savings Made Are Minimal Because There Is In Reality Only Austerity Measures To Blame And The Tories Deep Ideological Attack On Those Least Capable In Society Tories And There Collaborators The Lib-Dems Like The Nazis Have A Long Term Plan Where Only The Financially Privileged Will Survive And The Undeserving Poor Will Obey Or Die.

  3. March 5, 2015 2:19 pm

    The media are ignoring small left wing parties, even one running in 100 voting areas so complying with TV free ads of running in 1/6th of seats.

    The public could not care less about the unemployed or anyone on benefit, who they despise en masse as scroungers. That belief is so widespread that the news does not report the huge protest marches, protest sit ins and occupations going on all over the UK.

    Even when an austerity march began right outside the BBC HQ in London’s front door.

    But the unemployed and working poor on tax credits, poor pensioners and pensioners denied state pension coming from next year, 2016, are more than all other voters in many voting areas called marginals, where the sitting MP has but a slim majority.

    So the poor have a means to bring about new MPs that would change Labour (only neck and neck with the Tories by all polls) and bring in a majority government that would end all the cruelty and starvation caused by welfare and pension reform.

    For a majority the left need to gather parties together for 323 MP seats (London School of Economics). The SNP in Scotland will gain about 51, and Plaid Cymru in Wales will get some more.

    But marginal Tory and Lib Dem seats could fall to the small left wing parties if only they had the same media coverage, so that the poor knew they existed.

    This is the Vote or Starve election,
    but the words vote, election, elect and such, make the public go deaf.
    Better to say:
    go to the place the council said the staff there will give you a bit of paper
    on which you can put your cross by the logos
    that only they will grant you food for the kids, yourself and your granny and grandad.

    As Gandhi observed, Peoples’ Politics Are Their Daily Bread.

    I’ve gathered on me personal website, the logos and information in one place to help the poor gather small left wing parties instead of Tory and Lib Dems in English marginal seats, to get the MPs together who can help Labour and change Labour, and save our lives.

    You might care please to spread this website on your social media Facebook and Twitter

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