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ATOS Assessment Errors

March 24, 2015

Useful information that I found on Facebook. Thanks to reader Nessie King:

If you have failed a Pip/esa assessment you must ring and ask for a copy of the full assessment report and scoresheet asap. You will be surprised at how many contain errors. Just today we have had complaints from 3 people who had ATOS PIP assessments this month all complaining that the reports have the words “passed the pinch and grip test” when there was NO test of either and the assessor didn’t even touch their hands nor observed them handling papers or a bag etc. 

You should write on a copy of the form where you disagree with the decision and why, ie that there are omissions or blatant misrepresentations and untruths based on no evidence etc. Don’t wait for it to arrive though before posting your reconsideration/sscs1 if you are running out of time, as dwp/atos won’t rush posting it to you, surprise surprise. 

I can honestly say the PIP assessments are getting worse in some areas and we have witnessed a few incidents which has made us raise serious complaints with DWP/ATOS & the MP’s we work closely with.

Finally remember if you had an atos WCA ESA assessment even if it’s been overturned in court, the assessors still have access, as we found out recently in Manchester Trinity Way ATOS centre, during a PIP assessment. Luckily the HCP mentioned the 2 yr old adverse report in passing, and as I had represented the client, and happened to have her file with the overturned tribunal decision notice in it, we showed her and explained it was discredited in court and overturned. The assessor listened and made the right decision to exclude the info from her reasoning. Our client was awarded higher rate of both components. 

Assessment tip: 

If you failed a WCA in last 2 years and had the decision overturned, take the decision with you to your ATOS assessment and show the assessor if they admit they have access to your old ESA assessment report.

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  2. Jeffery Davies permalink
    March 24, 2015 6:05 am

    Its not rocket science they have our medical records does atos crapita awarded them was atos in a contract so looking at our medical records of course they can and if one does have a esa dla or pip has soon has you get home sar all the docs they used in assessing you jeff3

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