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Taking the Plunge: Finding Support to Live Life to the Full

March 27, 2015

This is a guest post by Alice Hayward.

Once education is complete, and all extra support has been completed and signed off, someone with LD may still feel the need for extra support, but where do you go to find support that still enables you to lead a relatively independent life?

It is important that you feel in control and confident enough to live life to the fullest and sometimes, like everyone, extra support may come in handy. Community based support may be just the thing to get you set up for your adult life and give you opportunities that you may not feel confident enough to try alone.

The Numbers

Statistics show that 58,000 people who live with LD need extra support from external services, 28,000 adults of which still live with a family member that is over the age of 70. – Learning Disability Statistics: Support

People with LD deserve the opportunity to lead a fully social, fulfilling and exciting life yet may not have the confidence to go out and make friends or try something new alone. It’s important when looking for extra support to find the right kind of help that benefits you and your personality.

What to Think About

 Location, location, location.
 What community based support is right for you?
 What are the benefits?
Location, Location, Location

It’s essential when choosing community based support that you ensure each location caters to your specific needs. Hillcrest Learning Disabilities, for example, is a charity that caters their care plan wholly on what individuals and their family aims to get from the programme with each location specialising in particular disability support. To help you find a support centre that is right for you a list of community based support centres and their most recent checks can be found here.
What is Available?

Whether you are starting from scratch or have a general idea of what you are looking for from community based support, a great resource that can be extremely helpful is the Think Local, Act Personal resource: Making it Real. An easy read version is available.

What are the benefits?

There are loads of benefits of community based support depending on the type of support you are after. It enables adults to form friendships, increase their feeling of involvement in their community and focuses on what each individual wants out of life; enabling them to reach their full potential.

Whether you are looking for a place to live which caters to your needs or simply wanting support through the everyday building of your life, there is a range of help available to you. Take a look at having a good day for further information and help on what community based support is right for you.

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