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Election Fight Night

March 30, 2015

A press release about a new game I think we’ll all enjoy!

Crush Ed Miliband with a mansion or deport Nigel Farage in online mobile ready game


With the TV General Election debate looming, London creative marketing agency Brand & Deliver has today launched Election Fight Night, an online mobile-ready game offering the satisfying opportunity to punch the living daylights out of every major party leader – whilst taking a satirical swipe at the very electoral system itself.


The game is a hilarious mix of Newsnight-meets-Street Fighter, where players choose a party leader and quite literally beat the electoral seats out of the other party leaders.  The game features glossy, over the top American-news-style graphics and poignant ‘special moves’ that see each party leader falling foul of their own worst campaign ideas: Cameron rotting in an NHS hospital bed is particularly fun, as is Farage being deported and Miliband being crushed by a mansion.


The game not only provides a stress-relieving respite from the election itself, but it’s also providing a simple straw poll of opinion.  “Though it’s largely just a bit of fun, we anonymously log how many players choose each party, so in effect, we’re getting a sense of the possible election results” says CEO Ben Gallop.  “Come the election, our game might well have predicted the outcome.”


But it’s not all about poking fun at the system; it hopes to make a few serious points too.  “Mockery aside, we wanted to make the point that digital interaction is woefully under-used in politics.  Not least that we still can’t vote online, but that no party really understands how to engage with the youth electorate, known for extremely low voting turnout.  Use a medium that the target group care about, and make it interesting – then we may get some more votes coming in.  If the parties dare!”


The game is completely free, logs no cookie data and displays up-to-the-second updates of its election poll.  Play it at

Goodbye readers, I’m off to play the game…

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